News Service 124 – Boys in trades and girls for doctors, Feedback wanted skills priority list, JSA Report shows VET has positive outcomes for students, Online job ads decline, NSW VET Review closes 24 Nov, Crisis in engineering skills, Advanced Diploma forum outcomes, Smart and Skilled 217-218, Powering skills newsletter, Trade Assistant program update, Safe Work Australia interactive WHS construction tool, Asbestos awareness month, Solar inverter recall, Wearable technology for safety improvement, Strategy to help workplace sexual harassment, Electrician fined, Changing role of an electrician, Do you smell battery smoke, Electrical licencing disciplinary actions, Online learning history, Access top Electrotechnology training resources, Electrical fatality, and solar and EV latest report.

Download a PDF version of the News Service 124 1. BOYS HEAD INTO THE TRADES, WHILE GIRLS WANT TO BE DOCTORS Julie Hare, education editor at the Financial Review reported in a 17 November 2023 article that parental aspirations were driving their teenagers’ career dreams, with many more girls than boys saying they plan to […]

News Service 120 – NCVER Online Teaching, New 5 Job Skills Councils, Skills Ministers Communique, NSW VET Review, ASQA steps up action, JSA Energy Workforce report delayed, Nominate women in HVACR, SafeTea event, Electrician find, Electrocution warning, Five licence holders disciplined, SafeWork NSW Blueprint 2026, Sep is Qld’s Electrical Safety Week, Construction collapses continues, Revision Wiring Rules, Energy Industry news

Download a PDF version of the News Service 120 1. COMMON TRAITS OF EFFECTIVE ONLINE TEACHING The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has released its latest research report into the common traits of effective online teaching.  The Report, titled ‘Effective teaching practices and student support services in online VET’, examined effective teaching practices […]

News Service 113 – Electrical Trade Trainer job, Tech to increase productivity, Consultations – Apprenticeship support, Gas & Electricity Act and Health, Women in trades, Education pathways program, Regulator morale down, Electricity Jobs Advocate 1st report, Australian Training Awards winners, NSW Small Business last week, Union slams CEDA licencing plan, Electrician fined, ACCC deadly solar batteries, Electrical safety webinar, Energy & renewables

Download a PDF version of the News Service 113 1. ADAPTIVE NSW – HOW EMBRACING TECH COULD RECHARGE OUR PROSPERITY The NSW Productivity Commission has released its latest report on how emerging technologies could enhance productivity and improve economic growth in NSW.  The November 2022 titled, “Adaptive NSW: how embracing tech could recharge our prosperity”, […]