News Service 111 – Online jobs small increase, unemployment down, Female careers showcase, NSW Gov review of electrical laws, ASQA issues alert to providers, Merging VET & HE, Apprentice taskforce established, Death notice to dodgy RTOs, Championing gender equality, Electrical safety – switch off power, Electrical checking & testing, Lighting changes, Powerline injury, Electrician stripped of registration, Worker jailed after dropping concrete on apprentice, SafeWork NSW construction update, NSW SmallBizMonth, Cost-benefit solar with battery, EV wave, Transgrid’s major transmission work

Download a PDF version of the News Service 111 1. ONLINE JOB ADS SLIGHTLY INCREASE IN OCT 2022 The National Skills Commission (NSC) released on the 9th of November 2022, the October 2022 Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) report showing that job advertisements increased by 0.5% (or 1,400 job ads) in October 2022 to stand at […]