About Us

About us

The NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology Industry Training Advisory Body (ITAB) is an autonomous, industry-based peak body that works with all stakeholders to ensure a viable workforce through workforce planning, workforce development and skilling opportunities, and job design/redesign in the utilities and electrotechnology industry.

We have a contractual relationship with the NSW Department of Education – Training Services NSW to provide an independent voice on skill needs, training and workforce development issues for the industries we represent.

We have a bi-partite board of directors with a mix of employer, peak industry and union representation that is drawn from our various industry sectors to maintain our industry relevance and oversee the governance requirements of the ITAB.

The ITAB provides advice to NSW Government and our Industry on VET matters in NSW related to the utilities and electrotechnology industry. We also provide advice on the establishment of Apprenticeships & Traineeships in NSW and the development of Vocational Training Orders (VTOs) following consultations with our industry.

Additionally, the ITAB works closely with Training Package Developers to ensure Training Package components – qualifications, skill sets and competencies are relevant, current and meet the needs of NSW industry.

Our Mission

To educate, influence and advise our stakeholders; the Utilities and Electrotechnology industry and related governments, regulatory and standards setting bodies, and training organisations of the range of initiatives and opportunities that can be used to facilitate or contribute towards developing a competent, skilled and capable workforce in our industry.

How we contribute

  • Provide access to, and advice on, resources about careers; career pathway opportunities; emerging skills areas; emerging technologies impacting on skills development; new occupational and job roles including job design and redesign; and researched information on current industry, labour market, and vocational education and training (VET) issues and arrangements;
  • Provide information about our Training Packages, qualifications, skill sets, units of competency, training and assessment, accredited courses and training products, and industry requirements in our sectors;
  • Facilitate and connect individuals and associated stakeholders to a range of industry contacts with specialised knowledge, expertise and/or experience to assist them in their specific enquiries;
  • Assist government with the development of the Commissioner’s Information Bulletin (CIB) and Vocational Training Orders (VTOs) for respective apprenticeships and traineeships (including School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships – SBATs) and development and release of the “NSW Skills List” for Smart and Skilled funding allocations; and
  • Assist stakeholders and organisations/companies with an array of enquiries and work organisation and skills development issues related to implementation and alignment of respective National Training Package components, as well policy development advice about vocational education and training (VET) matters, and workforce development and recruitment, reskilling and retention strategies related to our industry.