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Electrotechnology Industry

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Electrotechnology Industry

Electrotechnology Industry

Electrotechnology impacts on almost every aspect of our lives

This sector covers Electrical, Electronics, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC), Instrumentation and Control (I&C), Computer systems, Data communications, Information Technology (IT), Lifts, Fire and security, Appliance, Gaming, Rail, Renewable and sustainable energy, and a range of other related technical occupations from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma.

It is an industry with ever changing technologies and significant career prospects into higher technician and para-professional jobs for those that enter it whether as an employee, choose to be in self-employment or seek to establish their own contracting business and employ others.

The rate of technological change within the industry has never been greater and is expected to increase. By means of example, the use of ‘smart’ technology, such as home automation and the integration of systems, including voice and data is now commonplace in many sectors of the industry.

It is an industry that continues to expand and develop. To stay current and up-to-date with technology and work practices its personnel must develop increasingly sophisticated technical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Great career opportunities and pathways to new and advanced jobs with associated qualifications exist in the industry.

Apprentices and skilled operatives are expected to build high levels of competency, flexibility and capabilities across a wide range of equipment, technologies, processes and procedures and be prepared for continuous development of their knowledge and skills throughout their working life.

Skill shortages at trade and post-trade technical levels currently exist and are expected to worsen over the next five years.

For information on career pathways and formal nationally recognised qualifications applicable to the industry, visit the following link: Electrotechnology Industry Careers.