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Electrical Safety Project – progress report

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The Electrical Safety Project members will soon hold their second meeting to progress the project objectives.  The Project comprises a group of people with various experience and expertise in the electrical industry who share a common passion and desire to improve the quality of electrical work practices performed in the industry and their competence to verify compliant electrical installations to the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules. 

It is in this light that the Electrical Safety Project has been established.  The Project is an open assembly and invites similarly passionate individuals to join and participate in open discussion on key issues.  The main aim is to seek ways and means to identify where shortfalls exist and their cause, discuss the issues and find possible solutions, and advance advocacy and improvements in:

  • compliance management, inspectorate and administration regimes;
  • electrical work practices as an electrical worker – ‘qualified supervisor/person’;
  • currency of professional competence in electrical regulatory standards and requirements, electrical safety incident reporting and trends, electrical product compliance, safe work procedures and practices encompassing CPR and First Aid currency, and technology applications and use;
  • guidance and training resources/materials, encompassing best practice instructional guides, trade training, post-trade technical training, and specialised training materials covering for example: testing, inspection and certification; installation verification techniques and practices; electrical instruments usage; arc flash attenuation principles and practices; electric shock investigation; HV switching techniques and practices; electrical protection principles and systems; standards and codes of practice requirements and usage; variable speed drive principles and systems, harmonics principles and practices, isolating transformer principles and safeguards; etc.; and
  • consumer knowledge about electrical safety and elementary electrical laws and regulations.

Members will soon meet to review and subsequently approve for public circulation the following papers:

  1. Electrical Safety Project Position Paper
  2. Survey – First draft
  3. Safety on the job consultation paper – First draft
  4. CCEW Testing Support Notes – Second Draft paper

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