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Questionnaire – 1) testing electrical installations your feedback would be appreciated – 2) take the first step to be an electrical teacher or trainer for free with TAFE NSW

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Please be assured that your feedback will be treated in confidence

  1. Questionnaire – testing electrical installations your feedback would be appreciated
  2. Take the first step to becoming an electrical teacher trainer for free
  3. About us

1. Questionnaire – testing electrical installations your feedback would be appreciated

Earlier this year we conducted a very short survey of electrical workers and employers in the industry.  It was very successful and we got a lot of responses from people with a strong and passionate feeling for the industry and wanting to make sure the quality of electrical work and compliance was up to a quality standard.

The survey had a strong reaction to electrical testing and electrical licensing matters as well as workplace safety in terms of work practices.  The survey found:

  • 95% of respondents believed that change is required with respect to the current practice for renewing electricians’ licences
  • 91% believed that the current system of ways to ensure electricians maintain competency is adequate but could be improved
  • there was strong support for online assessment to demonstrate that electricians understood WHS practices recognising that for ‘competence’, employers must take into account not only the conformation of knowledge and skills certified in some form, but go further and verify workplace competence of staff members
  • there is strong support for Continuing Professional Development (CDP) and refresher training, both in-house and with external providers for license renewal

Given the findings above, we felt we would like to gain a little more feedback from electrical workers and employers in the field given the recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, “Call for tighter regulation of unlicensed electricians to prevent deaths in NSW”: as well, the findings and recommendations of the NSW Public Accountability Committee Building enquiry and resultant proposal for a Building Commission in NSW.

As a result, we would like to invite you to participate in a very important and short questionnaire (ABOUT 2 MINUTES).  The questionnaire is attached for completion. LINK HERE TO THE QUESTIONNAIRE

We would like you to share your thoughts that can help us develop a better understanding of the issues in the field so that we can report it to the industry, regulators and training providers.  We want to learn a bit more, about what you believe might be applicable in relation to testing of electrical installations and the level of awareness and competence in electricians encounter with asbestos as we see the roll out of Power of Choice and upgrades in electrical installations across NSW.  

  • We are particularly interested in your opinions about electrical testing undertaken when a job is handed over to a customer.
  • We are also interested in your opinions about Asbestos work in our industry.

We would really appreciate your thoughts.

Please complete this one page questionnaire and email it back to Tony Palladino ( by Monday, 9th November.

If you would like to know a little more about us see below “About Us” or go to our two website – ITAB ( or for electrical safety info:

Your interest and support to helping us learn of your views would be very much appreciated, and help our special Electrical Safety Project (ESP) Group develop ideas and advice to relevant stakeholders including regulators (i.e. Office of Fair Trading).


Please be assured that your feedback will be treated in confidence

2. Take the first step to becoming an electrical teacher trainer for free

Thought about becoming an trade teacher/trainer? What if you could start on that career path with a subsidised program form the government.  With the support of the State Government (Training Services NSW) TAFE is offering such a program.  If you are interested you need to register your interest ASAP with:

Course Name: Skillset within the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (DOWNLOAD THE FLYER)

Commencement: 17 November 2020

Cost: Fee free. Fully subsidised.

Limited Numbers: A maximum of 20 participants may attend this course.

Location: Connected learning delivered through Microsoft teams with teacher interaction

Cut off date for registration: 6th November 2020

Register NOW: contact:       TAFE Jodie Waters on 0429 049 974 email: , or email Tony Palladino (NSW UE ITAB) at with your details and contact number


  • TAEDES402 -Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
  • TAEDEL401-Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
  • BSBCMM401 -Make a presentation


  • Tradies and ancillary industry workers from electrotechnology or electricity industry
  • People from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background encouraged to apply
  • 15yrs+
  • No longer at school
  • Living or working in NSW
  • Australian citizen, permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen


  • Commencement: 17 Nov –19 Dec 2020 (on line)
  • Christmas break of 5.5 weeks
  • Re-commencement: 28 Jan –25 May 2021
  • Fortnightly: Tue 6pm-9pm, Thu 6pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-11am

The Electrotechnology industry has an emerging skills shortage of trade teachers and trainers.  The existing trade teacher/trainer workforce is ageing and the need for a cohort of new teachers/trainers to support future tradies in their apprenticeship competency development programs is paramount.  If you work in the Electrotechnology and Electricity Supply Industry sectors and feel you have the inclination and passion to be a mentor and a leader with and ability to inspire and engage learners to achieve their full potential or would like to develop these qualities then the following career start program is for you.  The course is free. 

If you are a supervisor, electrical/refrigeration and air conditioning contractor,  electrician, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic/technician, lineworker, cable jointer, Electrotechnology RTO administrative or training support person, trades assistant, electrical wholesale sales person or involved in the Electrotechnology and Electricity Supply Industry in some form, this program is for you.

TAFE NSW in concert with Training Services NSW has established and approved a subsidised program for Electrotechnology and Electricity Supply Industry tradies and ancillary industry workers to undertake a skillset program that leads to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  If you meet the eligibility criteria then you can take advantage of the free fee and subsidised program by registering and participating in the program.  Upon successful completion, graduates may also apply for a NSW Training and Assessment scholarship:

3. About us

The NSW UE ITAB is an industry led not-for-profit skill, training, workforce development and careers advisory body.  It is one of 11 ITABs recognised by the NSW Government.  The ITAB has specific responsibility for gathering and providing advice on the Utilities and Electrotechnology (electrical, electronic, I&C, HVAC, computer systems, and other associated disciplines) industry sectors to NSW government, industry, training providers and career aspirants.  It is led by an industry Board of Directors and works closely with industry and a range of organisations including employers to promote, share and improve skills formation, career selection, training and assessment and national training package qualifications up-skilling in respective industry sectors in NSW.  Please visit our website for more information:

Electrical Safety Project Group:

The NSW UE ITAB has established a special project (Electrical Safety Project (ESP) group.  It is comprised of members with wide and varied experience in the electrical industry, and who share a passion for safety.

Safety Competence in the Electricity Industry:

The Electrical Safety Project champions safety in the electrical industry, both for customers – families, commercial and industrial workers – and electrical workers – protecting electricians on the job.


The ESP has established a website with resources that would be useful for those involved in the electrical sector of the Electrotechnology industry.  Visit:

If you would like to discuss the questionnaire in anyway please feel free to contact Tony Palladino at undersigned at your convenience.