NSW UE ITAB Board resolves to request RTOs report the results of a learner’s off-the-job component

The NSW UE ITAB Board held is 113th meeting on Wednesday, 29th April 2020 and considered the matter before it to confirm a policy for RTOs to comply with the requirements of the UEE and UET Training Packages to formally report the results of a learner’s off-the-job achievement component of a unit of competency.  The […]

TAFE NSW confirms assessment of the off-the-job component of a UoC, is graded

The NSW UE ITAB in its previous News Services’ has highlighted industry’s preference and requirement for RTOs to formally report the results of an apprentice’s off-the-job (knowledge and skills) competent of a Unit of Competency in a graded (percentage) form.  This preference and requirement is reflected in the Assessment Guidelines and units of competency of […]

Industry requires off-the-job competent of CDP for Electricians to be graded (percentage) and reported

There has been a lot of recent discussion about RTOs requiring 100% pass mark for the knowledge component and 100% pass mark for the skills component of a unit of competency from the UEE Electrotechnology Training Package.  There has little been said about the on-the-job component and the pass mark for it.  Essentially, on-the-job component […]

The question facing RTOs is, whether a learner must achieve 100% knowledge and skills assessment underpinning a UEE or UET unit of competency?

ASQA have responded to an enquiry by the New South Wales Utilities & Electrotechnology Industry Training Advisory Body (NSW U&E ITAB) regarding the issue of whether a learner/candidate must achieve 100% result in the underpinning knowledge and skills section of a UEE / UET unit of competency.  The query was asked of AQSA for the […]