News Service 103 – Outcomes of Jobs & Skills Summit, Minister wants simpler qualifications, HBA Building reforms feedback, NSW Skill Shortage survey, Women careers event a success, ABS ANZSCO feedback, Smart & Skilled 178-180, Apply Cert 4 WHS Scholarship, Tools to reskill workforce, using licensed RAC technicians, Qld’s electrical safety week, Safety and industry news

Download a PDF version of News Service 103 1. GOVT RELEASES OUTCOMES OF THE JOBS AND SKILLS SUMMIT DOCUMENT The Government has released a summary of the Jobs and Skills Summit it held 1-2 September 2022.  The Prime Minister’s Media Release states, “The Jobs and Skills Summit has brought Australians together to agree on immediate […]

News Service 74 – Apprenticeships up but growing skills gap, Job ads up, Workers not using all skills at work, Attracting VET Practitioners, ESI Training Package Feedback, Safety news, electrical incidents & shocks, National Asbestos week, Industry news

1. TRADE APPRENTICESHIPS HIT ALL-TIME HIGH, BUT AUSSIE BUSINESSES STILL FACE A GROWING SKILLS GAP Reporter Stephanie Palmer-Derrien in the latest SmartCompany newsletter of 19 November 2021, raises questions about the Government’s messaging, stating, the “message feels somewhat disconnected from the growing tech talent gap, and the plight of small businesses and startups struggling to […]

News Service 73 – Huge lineworker & electrician skill shortages, duplicate e-assessment competency – TAE, gov responds MRA, summer skills, apprentices, careers NSW pilot, ESI TD&D validation, survey, VET professionals declare, industry & safety news

1. HUGE SKILL SHORTAGES EXPECTED IN LINEWORKER AND ELECTRICIAN JOBS TO 2023 The Australian Government recently released the ‘Infrastructure workforce and skills supply report’, October 2021, showing major shortages in many occupations of the projected workforce required for public infrastructure to 2023.  The report’s projections show that at its projected peak in 2023, the infrastructure […]