Electrotechnology Training Package Case for Endorsement going through its last process falls short on credibility

Australian Industry Standards (AIS) on behalf of the Electrotechnology Industry Reference Committee (IRC), has proceeded to submit its Case for Endorsement to State Training Authorities (STAs) in the penultimate process, before proceeding to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) to seek endorsement of the revised Electrotechnology Training Package.  The Case for Endorsement Submission is […]

NSW UE ITAB Board resolves to request RTOs report the results of a learner’s off-the-job component

The NSW UE ITAB Board held is 113th meeting on Wednesday, 29th April 2020 and considered the matter before it to confirm a policy for RTOs to comply with the requirements of the UEE and UET Training Packages to formally report the results of a learner’s off-the-job achievement component of a unit of competency.  The […]

TAFE NSW confirms assessment of the off-the-job component of a UoC, is graded

The NSW UE ITAB in its previous News Services’ has highlighted industry’s preference and requirement for RTOs to formally report the results of an apprentice’s off-the-job (knowledge and skills) competent of a Unit of Competency in a graded (percentage) form.  This preference and requirement is reflected in the Assessment Guidelines and units of competency of […]