News Service 93 – VET National Agreement, Update – Training Packages, Say yes to trades, NSW A&T Data to May 2022, New Ministers, Smart & Skilled, Online delivery, Electrical incidents, Safety and Industry News

1. WILL A NEW GOVERNMENT UNDO KNOTTED PROBLEMS IN THE STALLED REFORM OF THE VET NATIONAL AGREEMENT AND THE AQF? Craig Fowler provides an opinion piece in the 2 June 2022 edition of Campus Review as to whether the new government can undo knotted problems in the stalled reform of the VET National Agreement and […]

News Service 72 – Future of TAFE, Director Compliance vacancy, Feds spend $6.4B on VET, SMEs for Gas Training Package, TAE Review, Apply for grant, IPART Report, Safety, look up & live, Industry news (EV and grid)

1. JENNY DODD OUTLINES FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES FOR TAFE (PODCAST) Claire Field (Claire Field & Associates Pty Ltd), in the latest “What Now? What Next?” podcast discusses with Jenny Dodd, the interim CEO of TAFE Directors Australia, future opportunities for TAFE.  Jenny shares her insights on the opportunities (and challenges) facing the TAFE sector as the […]