News Service 106 – Skill shortage crises, Electricians disqualified in NSW, OFT Notice for RTOs re disconnect-reconnect, prioritising VET funding, VET Skills Ministers meet, PC urges CIII-CIV VET loans, Smart & Skilled 184, STEM Careers and Women in Trades, RAC careers future, MS licence deadline, Energy Skills Australia, Electrical incidents, Invested in Thomson Bridge, Safety and Critical Hydrogen Skills

Download a PDF version of the News Service 106 1. 2022 SKILLS PRIORITY LIST ALMOST DOUBLES OCCUPATIONS WITH SKILLS SHORTAGES Electrical workers are in demand and listed in the top 20 largest employing occupations in Australia.  Future demand in this occupational area is strong, says National Skills Commission (NSC) in its latest 2022 Skills Priority […]

News Service 99 – Select Committee for Workforce Australia, NSW Training Awards, Industry Skill Clusters, Path 2 tech jobs, electrical deaths, safety news & energy news

1. WORKFORCE AUSTRALIA SELECT COMMITTEE TO EXAMINE IMPLEMENTATION The Hon Tony Burke MP, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations AND Minister for the Arts issued a Media Release on 2 August 2022 announcing the Government would establish a Select Committee of the House of Representatives to examine the implementation of Workforce Australia. The Media Release […]