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1. SKILLS WE NEED FOR THE FUTURE WE WANT – PART 1 The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has released its much-awaited latest Part 1 opinion piece on the “Skills we need for the future we want”.Written by Andrew Dettmer, National President of the AMWU and Ian Curry, National Coordinator – Skills, Training and Apprenticeships […]

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1. HUGE SKILL SHORTAGES EXPECTED IN LINEWORKER AND ELECTRICIAN JOBS TO 2023 The Australian Government recently released the ‘Infrastructure workforce and skills supply report’, October 2021, showing major shortages in many occupations of the projected workforce required for public infrastructure to 2023.  The report’s projections show that at its projected peak in 2023, the infrastructure […]

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1. JENNY DODD OUTLINES FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES FOR TAFE (PODCAST) Claire Field (Claire Field & Associates Pty Ltd), in the latest “What Now? What Next?” podcast discusses with Jenny Dodd, the interim CEO of TAFE Directors Australia, future opportunities for TAFE.  Jenny shares her insights on the opportunities (and challenges) facing the TAFE sector as the […]