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ESI Generation Industry

Coal-fired plants constitute a majority of the generation needed to power the Australian economy. Now, and in the future an

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ESI Transmission Distribution & Rail Industry

Transmission: electricity is transported from power generating stations (fossil fuels, renewable or other sustainable forms) through High Voltage (HV) transmission

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Gas Industry

Gas transmission and distribution refers to the supply of natural gas via transmission and distribution pipelines and Liquid Petroleum Gas

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Electrotechnology Industry

It is an industry with ever changing technologies and significant career prospects into higher technician and para-professional jobs for those

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ESI Generation Careers

The Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) Generation sector covers traineeships for Power Station Operators in Certificate II & Certificate III in

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ESI Transmission, Distribution & Rail Careers

This sector covers Apprenticeships and Traineeships in Overhead Powerline work, Cable Jointing, Rail Traction as well as more advanced qualifications.

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Gas Careers

This sector supports one Certificate III apprenticeship and one Certificate II traineeship, with additional qualifications up to Diploma and others

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Electrotechnology Careers

Electrotechnology impacts on almost every aspect our lives. Electrotechnology covers the installation, commissioning, testing, fault finding, servicing, repair and maintenance,

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